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Anne Lee, PA-C, MSPAS, MPH
Physician assistant
Glendale Laser and Dermatology Associates

As a dermatology PA, I have the pleasure of helping my patients from the outside (skin) in. I spend a lot of time educating and explaining their skin condition and going over their treatment options.

Caring for Patients with Atopic Dermatitis: Incorporating Pathophysiology into a Comprehensive Management Plan

This online curriculum will examine the clinical characteristics, the current understanding of immuno-pathophysiology, and the psychosocial and quality of life impact of atopic dermatitis on patients across age groups. Strategies to individualize treatment for patients with atopic dermatitis will be discussed.

Self Study

Live Group Discussions

  • Live Group Discussion # 1: Discuss the immunopathophysiology and comorbidities of AD with experts in AD

    The session will be focused on immunopathophysiology and comorbidities of AD, as well as a opportunity to address questions from the first few activities. This will be an informal discussion focused on real-world issues and challenges we face in managing pediatric and adult AD patients.

  • Live Group Discussion # 2: Discuss the comprehensive management of AD with experts

    In this discussion, we’ll focus on our experiences with the comprehensive treatment of AD. We’ll address issues related to topical, systemic, and combination therapy, and also discuss some of your submissions and comments from the Group Task.

Group Tasks

Group Task - Case : Let’s talk about Dylan

The Group Task is focused on how to provide optimal care to Dylan, a 16-year old boy with an itchy rash on his face, neck, and arms. You’ll each be asked to describe one component of his management plan.